Our System

We want a system where all Connecticut children receive the early education and development support they need

Right From the Start believes that when EVERY child in Connecticut - of all races, cultures, abilities and economic backgrounds, prenatal to age eight - receives what he or she needs, we will see: 

  • Children who are healthy, active, happy, and learning in all settings – home, community and school – and becoming contributing members of our society.
  • Families with the resources to support their children’s growth and in leadership positions across their communities.
  • Community and statewide partners working together to create a child-centered web of strong connections across health, education, business, family supports, and faith based systems.

To make this vision become a reality, team members from Right From the Start first identified our core values.  We then asked ourselves: Why, despite our best efforts, do we still have children in Connecticut entering school behind their peers, not fully ready to learn and succeed? As members of Right From the Start examined this question, it became clear that it is not due to a lack of effort. Connecticut has many talented individuals, organizations and agencies working to support the healthy development and learning of our children. We decided to look at this problem from a different perspective.

We used a systems approach, which means we looked at the current problem and continued to ask ourselves why is that the case. We dug deep to identify four issues that we believe are root causes that are not yet receiving enough attention in Connecticut.