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Video Toolkit & Topic Guide

The Right from the Start video series includes four short videos that support our vision to help build a strong early childhood system in Connecticut. We offer a complete video toolkit and four topic guides to facilitate hosting screenings of the RFTS videos.

RFTS community screenings offer an opportunity to bring people together to converse and identify the best approaches to improving our state's early childhood system. Hosting community conversations is a proven method of finding shared local solutions.

We offer four toolkits to facilitate hosting screenings of these videos. This toolkit includes a topic guide to specifically support discussions focused on empowering local communities to make effective decisions for their citizens.

Toolkit Overview

The toolkit includes the following documents as supplements to the screenings and community conversations:

Full-color Printable Brochure
Planning and Screening Guide
Moderator Training Presentation

Topic Guide

Here are three documents with specific information to support your discussion on empowering local communities to make effective decisions for their citizens.

Moderator Guide
Participant Guide
Ready-to-Share PowerPoint Presentation

Topic Guides for Other Issue Areas


Your effort as a community leader is deeply appreciated. We've shared these materials to support your efforts to host community conversations and discover shared local solutions to vexing problems.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are eager to hear from you. Please contact us at:

Thank you for sharing these stories and adding your own chapter!